Support for People With Disabilities

Support for People With Disabilities

Volunteer - Disabilities

Engage with our clients in a variety of social, recreational, and cultural activities that help them lead productive, meaningful lives.

Group Home Buddy

Share an interest or hobby with the residents of the JFS Group Home. Social interaction with our volunteers helps residents reach their full potential; examples include reading aloud, qualified therapy dog visits, craft making, cooking, playing board games, and other fun activities based on your skills.

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Jewish Disabilities Advocates (JDA) Friend

Join JDA for Sunday outings, events, and craft projects with our clients. The program is planned and attended by professional staff, so you have the flexibility of volunteering once a month or whenever your schedule allows.

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Questions? For more information, please contact:

Nancy Benyamin, CVA

Nancy Benyamin, CVAVolunteer Services Director

Ph: 720.248.4642
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